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We are extremely excited to be the show of the week on one of our favourite blogs handmadelife! The wonderful handmadelife has been inspiring and entertaining us for so long now, so this is such an honour.
Thank you ladies!

Unnaturally Melbourne!

We had a fun and amazing few days in Melbourne earlier this month installing unnatural, Naturally at Pieces of Eight followed by the opening and presenting a workshop. We will post images soon... but in the meantime please visit the Pieces of Eight blog for some posts with great images about the exhibition opening here and the wild and wonderful workshop here. We would like to extend a great big thank you to the fabulous Pieces of Eight peeps led by Melanie, Nick, Rachel and Scooter, to the amazing and enthusiastic workshop participants and our new and old Melbounre friends for making us feel so welcome and special!
The exhibition runs until 1 May.


Pieces of Eight blog interview...

We are excited to be the featured artists on the Pieces of Eight blog. There is an interview with us both here

Back to putting the finishing touches on some new pieces for the show now...


With apologies for general tardiness on the blogging front it is time to attempt to make some amends...

We have been a bit quiet, as after the wonderful excitement of our week in Auckland setting up the exhibition at Masterworks and the taking two workshops at Manukau School of Visual Arts we returned home and straight to our benches to work on the exhibition's  next instalment... it opens at Pieces of Eight in Melbourne on Tuesday 30 March! 

We have also been busy ladies with other projects on the boil. Mel has been working on a new body of work titled Threadworks showing at the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, in association with Pablo Fanque until June and Lauren is working on an extremely exciting project for the South Australian Museum with the fabulous Tom Moore and Rosie Hannam. 

We had such a wonderful time in Auckland and promise to post pictures taken during the incredibly inspiring Manukau workshops soon...

Meanwhile here are some pictures of the exhibition installed at Masterworks:


Some words about the exhibition

We did an interview with the lovely Debbie from metalab to accompany the exhibition when it showed in Sydney - you can read it here

Unnaturally, natural on D*Hub

You can read a little bit more about Unnatural, naturally here on D*Hub (a fabulous online Design resource developed by the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney) and watch an interview about the exhibition filmed for D*Hub here. The interview was conducted in situ at the exhibition whilst it was showing at metalab Gallery in Sydney during October 2009 by Nicole Bearman from D*Hub.


Welcome to our blog. Lauren and I have been working on the Unnatural, naturally exhibition project for a couple of years now - but we have only just paused from making long enough to get a blog started! Over the next little while we will bring you up to date with the history of the project ...